Extreme Injector v3.6



Extreme Injector is a leading DLL injecting software for new and advanced users. The simple but good looking user interface is what makes Extreme Injector a really comfortable Windows application to use. The author of this amazing tool is master131 and everyone can download and use it for free. Extreme Injector download was first released in 2011 and it has been updated ever since. There are many native and also new features this powerful DLL injector comes with.

If you are going to use the Extreme Injector free download you will get it together with all the features it has. Being simple and free to download are main key aspects of this software. Next we want to give a quick overview of the functions this DLL injector includes.

Features of Extreme Injector

First thing a user will notice is the simple but customizable user interface. You can add any DLL and adjust the related settings really easily.

Injection Methods

Extreme Injector comes with different injection methods:
Standard – the most common way to inject DLLs and is therefore used in most similar applications. The fact it adapts CreateRemoteThread and LoadLibrary is what makes it the best option for injection.
LdrLoadDll Stub – it is actually quite similar to Standard, the only difference is that it uses LoadLibrary with one level deeper.
LdrpLoadDll Stub – the same that goes about LdrLoadDll with another level deeper into it. This is most reliable up to Windows 8.1.
Thread Hijacking – this method makes Extreme Injector quite unique as it is rarely used in other similar programs. Thread Hijacking is a reliable method that uses an existing code to inject DLL.
Manual Map – high security is what makes this injection technique stable. It can even hide the DLL injection from Windows itself. It is stable up to Windows 8.1.

settings-extremeinjectorMain Functions

Extreme Injector free download enables to do a lot more actually. Its features also include the list of processes, injection of multi DLLs with the option to choose which DLLs to inject, automatic injection, closing on inject, stealth inject, DLL scrambling which makes it harder to discover hacks, reverse DLL injection, drag and drop method, 64-bit support and therefore automated Visual C++ dependency install. So you see how feature rich this free tool is.

How To Use Extreme Injector

Making use of Extreme Injector is easy. With the help of this short tutorial anyone can start using it. First you need to download and install the software from the official website. Downloading it from third party websites is on your own risk of not getting what you were looking for. After installing the application on your PC you need to run it. We recommend you to first choose “Settings” and then click on “Start in Secure Mode” to make the whole process most reliable and secure. Next, type the name of your process together with the extension. If there is a need for a special process you can find the button “Select” to choose it from there. To add DLL there is either the button or just drag and drop into the window. Adjust the settings but advanced settings only in case you know what you are doing. Decide whether you need to use the Auto-Inject or not. Then click “Inject” and Extreme Injector begins to do its work.

Scramble Options

The latest version of Extreme Injector v3 includes the scramble options that can be enabled or disabled based on user preferences. The following options are available:
None – DLL scrambling will be disabled.
Basic – scrambling will work for most common DLLs.
Standard – gives more scrambling possibilities for DLL injection.
Extreme – enables all scrambling options.

Post-Inject Options

This option is for hacks to prevent anti-cheats from detecting the work of Extreme Injector. There is still risk of good anti-cheats detecting the DLLs. The most secure method nowadays would be manual map. The two possibilities for post-inject are:
Erase PE – it will erase PE headers from the DLL so anti-cheats won’t be able to see the DLL at its location.
Hide Module – it will prevent the DLL from showing up on process list so anti-cheat won’t be able to detect it on those lists.

Start in Secure Mode

Starting this feature can have false positive with some anti-virus software. As there is no actual virus you can either ignore the message or temporarily disable the anti-virus protection.

dll-injectorVisual C++ Dependency Installer

Sometimes a hack you are adding with Extreme Injector can require MSVCR.dll or MSVCP.dll but it is not present in that particular computer. In such case the Visual C++ dependency installer will automatically choose the right version of the DLL file from Microsoft’s official website. The fact that it can be either x86 or x64 makes the automatic download best for most users.

System Requirements

Extreme Injector is a Windows application and works on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP. The software also needs at least .NET Framework 4 to be installed on the system.

Experience with Extreme Injector

This software has been released to help people inject DLL files. As with any other software, making use of Extreme Injector is up to every user and therefore the creator of this application is not taking any responsibilities for failed injections. If one injection method fails, then try another one. If that still doesn’t help then you can ask for more information from the developer directly or on the forum. There has been several bug fixes and improvements to Extreme Injector and by now it should work on all modern devices with Windows installed.

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